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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Notice of the State Council on Printing and Distributing theOutline of the Construction of the Social Credit System (2014-2020)Guofa [2014] No. 21

The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and commissions under the State Council, and their directly affiliated institutions: The  "Social Credit System Construction Planning Outline (2014-2020)" is now printed and distributed to you, please implement it carefully.

                              State Council                            June 14, 2014

  (This item is released publicly)


Outline of the Construction of Social Credit System(2014-2020)

  The social credit system is an important part of the socialist market economic system and social governance system. It is based on laws, regulations, standards and contracts. It is based on a sound network of credit members and credit infrastructure that covers society members. It is supported by credit information compliance application and credit service system to establish a culture of integrity and promote the tradition of integrity. Virtue is an internal requirement, and the reward and punishment mechanism is based on trustworthiness and untrustworthiness, with the aim of improving the integrity and credit level of the whole society.  Accelerating the construction of the social credit system is an important basis for fully implementing the scientific development concept and building a socialist harmonious society. It is an important means to improve the socialist market economic system, strengthen and innovate social governance, and enhance the integrity of social members and create a good credit environment. It is of great significance to enhance the overall competitiveness of the country and promote social development and progress in civilization.  According to the party’s 18th National Congress, “Strengthening the integrity of government affairs, business integrity, social integrity and judicial public trust”, the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee proposed “establishing a sound social credit system, promoting integrity, and disciplining and losing trust”. "The establishment of a sound social credit system" proposed by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Strengthening and Innovating Social Management, and the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People's Republic of China" (hereinafter referred to as the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" Outline) The overall requirements for “accelerating the construction of a social credit system” and the development of this plan. The planning period is from 2014 to 2020.  I. Overall thinking of the construction of social credit system  (I) Development status.
  The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the construction of a social credit system. The relevant regions, departments and units have explored and promoted, and the construction of the social credit system has made positive progress. The State Council established an inter-ministerial joint conference system for the construction of social credit system to promote the construction of the credit system, announced the implementation of the Regulations on the Administration of Credit Information, and introduced a number of regulations and standards for the construction of credit systems. The nationwide centralized and unified financial credit information database was established, and the construction of small and micro enterprises and rural credit systems was actively promoted; all departments promoted the disclosure of credit information, carried out industry credit evaluation, and implemented credit classification supervision; various industries actively carried out integrity education and integrity and self-discipline activities. All regions explored the establishment of a comprehensive credit information sharing platform to promote the integration of credit information of various departments and units in the region; the demand for credit service products in the society is increasing, and the scale of the credit service market is expanding.  Although China's social credit system has made certain progress, the contradiction between the level of economic development and the stage of social development is not matched, uncoordinated, and unsuitable. The main problems include: the credit system covering the whole society has not yet formed, the credit records of social members are seriously missing, the mechanism of trustworthiness incentives and disciplinary punishment is not perfect, the incentives for trustworthiness are insufficient, the cost of trustworthiness is low; the credit service market is underdeveloped, and the service system Immature, service behavior is not standardized, service organization's credibility is insufficient, credit information subject rights protection mechanism is lacking; social integrity awareness and credit level are low, the social atmosphere of fulfilling promises, honesty and trustworthiness has not yet formed, and serious production safety accidents, food and drug safety There have been incidents, such as commercial fraud, counterfeiting and selling, fraudulent taxation, false reporting, academic misconduct, etc., and there are still some gaps in the integrity of the government and the public trust.  (2) Situation and requirements.
  China is in the midst of a period of deepening the reform of the economic system and improving the socialist market economic system. The modern market economy is a credit economy. Establishing a sound social credit system is an important measure to rectify and standardize the market economic order, improve the market credit environment, reduce transaction costs, and prevent economic risks. It is to reduce the government's administrative intervention in the economy and improve the socialist market. Urgent requirements of the economic system.  China is in a period of strategic opportunities to accelerate the transformation of development mode and achieve scientific development. Accelerating the construction of the social credit system is an important prerequisite for promoting optimal allocation of resources, expanding domestic demand, and promoting the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and is an urgent requirement for improving the scientific development mechanism.  China is in the critical period of economic and social transformation. Interest subjects are more diversified, various social contradictions are prominent, and social organization forms and management methods are undergoing profound changes. Promoting the construction of a social credit system in an all-round way is an effective means to enhance social integrity, promote social mutual trust, and reduce social contradictions. It is an urgent requirement for strengthening and innovating social governance and building a socialist harmonious society.  China is in the process of expanding the open economy at a wider, broader and deeper level. Economic globalization has made China's openness to the outside world constantly improved, and economic and social exchanges with other countries and regions have become closer. Improving the social credit system is a necessary condition for deepening international cooperation and exchanges, establishing international brands and reputations, reducing external transaction costs, enhancing national soft power and international influence, and promoting the establishment of an objective, fair, reasonable and balanced international credit rating system. Adapt to the new situation of globalization and control the urgent requirements of the new globalization pattern.  (3) Guiding ideology and goal principles.
  To comprehensively promote the construction of a social credit system, we must adhere to the principles of Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thinking of the "Three Represents", and the scientific development concept, in accordance with the spirit of the Eighteenth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan". Based on the sound credit laws and regulations and standards system, and the formation of a credit information system covering the whole society, the main content of promoting government integrity, business integrity, social integrity and judicial public trust is to promote the construction of honesty culture, establish trustworthiness incentives and disciplinary punishment. Focusing on the mechanism, with the support of promoting industry credit construction, local credit construction and credit service market development, with the aim of improving the integrity and credit level of the whole society and improving the economic and social operation environment, people-oriented, and widely formed in the society, trustworthy and glorious, and untrustworthy The shameful atmosphere makes honesty and trustworthiness a norm for the conscious behavior of the whole people.  The main goal of the construction of the social credit system is: by 2020, the basic laws, regulations and standards of social credit will be basically established. The credit information system covering the whole society based on the sharing of credit information resources will be basically completed, and the credit supervision system will be basically sound and credit. The service market system is relatively complete, and the mechanism of trustworthiness and disciplinary action is fully functional. Significant progress has been made in the construction of government integrity, business integrity, social integrity and judicial public trust, and market and social satisfaction has increased significantly. The sense of integrity in the whole society has generally increased, the credit environment for economic and social development has improved markedly, and the economic and social order has improved significantly.  The main principles for the construction of a social credit system are:  government promotion and social co-construction.Give full play to the role of government organization, guidance, promotion and demonstration. The government is responsible for formulating and implementing development plans, improving regulations and standards, and nurturing and supervising the credit service market. Focus on the role of market mechanisms, coordinate and optimize resource allocation, encourage and mobilize social forces, participate extensively, and jointly promote the formation of a joint social credit system.  Improve the legal system and standardize development. Gradually establish and improve credit laws and regulations system and credit standard system, strengthen credit information management, standardize the development of credit service system, and safeguard credit information security and information subject rights.  Overall planning, step by step implementation. In view of the long-term, systematic and complex construction of the social credit system, the top-level design is strengthened, based on the current, focusing on the long-term, overall planning, system planning, and planning and implementation in a step-by-step manner.  Key breakthroughs and enhanced applications. Select key areas and typical areas to carry out credit construction demonstrations. Actively promote the social application of credit products, promote the interconnection and sharing of credit information, improve the social credit reward and punishment linkage mechanism, and create a social credit environment of honesty, self-discipline, trustworthiness and mutual trust.  Second, promote the construction of credit in key areas  (1) Accelerate the construction of government integrity.
  Government integrity is the key to the construction of a social credit system. The integrity level of various government behavioral actors plays an important role in guiding and building the integrity of other social entities.  Adhere to administration according to law. The administration of law shall be carried out throughout the whole process of decision-making, implementation, supervision and service, comprehensively promote the openness of government affairs, and under the premise of protecting national information security, trade secrets and personal privacy, publicize the credit information grasped in administrative management according to law, and establish effective Information sharing mechanism. Effectively improve the efficiency of government work and service levels, and transform government functions. We will improve the power operation control and supervision system to ensure that decision-making power, executive power, and supervision power are mutually restricted and coordinated. Improve government decision-making mechanisms and procedures to improve decision-making transparency. Further promote the publicity and hearing system for major decision-making matters, broaden the channels for public participation in government decision-making, strengthen social supervision and restraint on power operation, enhance the government's credibility, and establish a government's open, fair, and honest image of integrity.  Give play to the demonstration role of government integrity construction.The people's governments at all levels must first strengthen their own integrity construction, and use the government's integrity to govern, and promote the establishment of the integrity of the whole society and the improvement of the level of integrity. In the areas of administrative licensing, government procurement, bidding, labor and employment, social security, scientific research management, cadre selection and management supervision, and application for government financial support, the company is the first to use credit information and credit products to cultivate the development of credit service market.  Accelerate the construction of the government's trustworthiness and promise mechanism. Strictly fulfill the government's commitment to the society, incorporate government performance and promise services into the government performance evaluation system, and evaluate the implementation of the economic and social development goals and the actual implementation of the people's work in the development planning and government work reports. The important content is to promote the establishment of a comprehensive system of government and administrative commitment assessment in all regions and departments. The people's governments at all levels must earnestly perform and honor the policy commitments and contracts signed according to law. It is necessary to actively create a fair competition, a unified and efficient market environment, and not to implement local protectionist measures, such as abusing administrative power to block the market, and harboring violations of laws and regulations and dishonesty in the administrative areas. It is necessary to support statistical departments to count statistics and statistics. Government borrowing must be in accordance with the law, appropriate scale, risk control, and transparent procedures. Government revenues and expenditures must strengthen budgetary constraints and increase transparency. Strengthen and improve the supervision mechanism of mass supervision and public opinion. Improve government integrity and accountability mechanisms. The people's governments at all levels must consciously accept the legal supervision of the people's congress at the same level and the democratic supervision of the CPPCC. Intensify supervision and auditing of administrative actions by departments such as supervision and auditing.  Strengthen the integrity management and education of civil servants. Establish civil servants' integrity files, and in accordance with the law, the civil servant's personal affairs report, integrity record, annual assessment results, relevant violations of law and discipline violations and other credit information are included in the archives, and the civil servant integrity record is an important basis for cadre assessment, appointment and reward and punishment. In-depth development of civil servants' integrity, law-abiding and moral education, strengthening legal knowledge and credit knowledge, compiling civil service integrity manuals, strengthening civil servants' legal and integrity awareness, and establishing a civil service team that is law-abiding and trustworthy, efficient and clean.  (2) Deeply promote the construction of business integrity.
  Improving the level of business integrity is the focus of the construction of the social credit system. It is the basic condition for effective maintenance of business relationships, effective reduction of business operation costs, and effective improvement of the business environment. It is the basis for the sustainable development of all types of business entities, as well as various types of economy. The basic guarantee for the efficient implementation of activities.  Credit construction in the production sector. Establish a safety production credit announcement system, improve the safety production commitment and safety production bad credit records and the disciplinary system for safe production and untrustworthy behavior. Focus on coal mines, non-coal mines, dangerous chemicals, fireworks and firecrackers, special equipment manufacturing enterprises, and civilian explosives production and sales enterprises and blasting enterprises or units, improve the safety production access and exit credit review mechanism, and promote enterprises to implement safe production. Subject responsibility. Focusing on food, medicine, consumer goods, agricultural products and agricultural inputs, we will strengthen the credit management of production and processing links of various production and operation entities, and establish a system for sharing product credit information in different places and between departments. Promote the establishment of a quality credit information system, accelerate the improvement of the 12365 product quality complaints reporting service platform, and establish a quality integrity report, blackmail disclosure, market ban and exit system.  Credit construction in the circulation field. Study and formulate the collection and sharing system of corporate credit information in the field of commerce and trade circulation, and improve the basic rules and indicator system for credit evaluation of commercial and trade circulation enterprises. Promote the credit construction of wholesale and retail, trade logistics, accommodation and catering and resident service industries, and carry out enterprise credit classification management. Improve the credit cooperation model between retailers and suppliers. Strengthen anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition law enforcement, increase the investigation and punishment of market confusion, false propaganda, commercial fraud, commercial slander, commercial bribery and other illegal acts, expose typical cases and major cases, increase the cost of corporate trustworthiness, and promote Integrity management and fair competition. Gradually establish a national commodity circulation traceability system based on the identification of commodity barcodes. Strengthen the construction of the inspection and quarantine quality credit system. Support credit financing for business services companies, develop commercial factoring, and regulate prepaid consumer behavior. Encourage enterprises to expand credit sales and promote personal credit consumption. We will promote the construction of foreign economic and trade credit, and further strengthen credit information management, credit risk monitoring and early warning, and enterprise credit rating management in areas such as foreign trade, foreign aid, and foreign investment cooperation. With the help of the electronic port management platform, we will establish and improve the credit evaluation system, credit classification management and joint supervision system for import and export enterprises.  Credit construction in the financial sector.Innovate financial credit products, improve financial services, safeguard the personal information security of financial consumers, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers. Intensify the punishment of financial fraud, such as financial fraud, malicious escape of bank debts, insider trading, manufacturing and selling of fake policies, fraudulent claims, disclosure of false information, illegal fund-raising, evasion and fraud, and regulate the financial market order. Strengthen the construction of financial credit information infrastructure, further expand the coverage of credit records, and strengthen the financial industry's incentive role for the trustworthy and the binding role of the untrustworthy.  Credit construction in the tax field. Establish an inter-departmental credit information sharing mechanism. Conduct exchange, comparison and application of tax-related information such as taxpayer basic information, various transaction information, property preservation and transfer information, and tax records. Further improve the tax credit rating and release system, strengthen the credit classification management in the tax field, and give play to the reward and punishment of taxpayers. Establish a blacklist system for tax violations. Promote the linkage management of tax credits and other social credits, and improve taxpayer compliance with tax laws.  Credit construction in the price field. Guide enterprises and operators to strengthen price self-discipline, standardize and guide the price behavior of operators, implement the clearing price and fee publicity system of operators, and strive to implement “clear price”. Supervise operators to strengthen internal price management and establish a sound internal price management system based on operator conditions. Improve the operator's price integrity system, do a good job in information disclosure, and promote the implementation of reward and punishment systems. Strengthen price law enforcement inspection and anti-monopoly law enforcement, investigate and deal with price frustration behaviors such as price increase, price fraud, price monopoly, etc., publicly expose typical cases and standardize market price order.  Credit construction in the field of engineering construction.Promote the construction of the credit system for the construction industry market. Accelerate the construction of credit laws and regulations in the engineering construction market, and formulate credit standards for all parties and employees in the engineering construction market. Promote the project information disclosure and credit system construction in the field of engineering construction, rely on the government website, comprehensively set up project information and credit information public sharing column, focus on project construction project information and credit information, promote the construction of a nationwide comprehensive search platform, and realize the project construction project. A one-stop comprehensive search service for public sharing of information and credit information. In-depth development of engineering quality and integrity. Improve the market access and exit system for engineering construction, and increase the punishment for enterprises that have major engineering quality, safety responsibility accidents or other major acts of dishonesty and responsible employees. Establish an association management mechanism for the evaluation of credit evaluation results of enterprises and employees, approval of qualifications, registration of qualifications, and cancellation of qualifications. Establish a scientific and effective credit evaluation mechanism for employees in the construction field and a traceability system for breach of trust, and include dismantling, subcontracting, illegal subcontracting, arrears of construction funds and wages of migrant workers into the scope of accountability for breach of trust.  Credit construction in the field of government procurement. Strengthen government procurement credit management, strengthen joint punishment and protect the legitimate rights and interests of government procurement parties. Develop credit record standards for suppliers, review experts, government procurement agencies, and related practitioners. Establish a list of bad behavior records of government procurement suppliers according to law, and prohibit suppliers participating in government procurement activities for a certain period of time. Improve the access and exit mechanism of the government procurement market, make full use of the credit information provided by other departments such as industry and commerce, taxation, finance, procuratorial, etc., and strengthen the credit management of government procurement parties and related personnel. Accelerate the construction of a unified national government procurement management transaction system, improve the transparency of government procurement activities, and achieve unified release and sharing of credit information.  Credit construction in the field of bidding and tendering.We will expand the scope of sharing and sharing credit information for bidding and tendering, establish a credit evaluation index and evaluation standard system covering bidding and tendering, and improve the system of disclosure and sharing of credit information for bidding and tendering. Further implement the announcement system for the record of illegal activities in bidding and bidding, and promote the improvement of the reward and punishment linkage mechanism. Relying on the electronic bidding system and its public service platform, it realizes the interconnection, real-time exchange and integration of credit information such as bidding and contract fulfillment. Market participants are encouraged to use basic credit information and third-party credit evaluation results as an important basis for bidder qualification review, bid evaluation, calibration and contract signing.  Credit construction in the transportation sector. Form a transportation credit law system that combines departmental rules and regulations with local regulations and local government regulations. Improve credit assessment standards and implement classified assessment and supervision. For the different types of transportation in the transportation market such as roads, railways, waterways, civil aviation, and pipelines, we will formulate assessment indicators, strengthen the supervision and management of credit assessment, actively guide third-party institutions to participate in credit assessment, and gradually establish transportation management agencies and social credit evaluation agencies. Combined, a comprehensive assessment and evaluation system with supervision, appeal and review mechanisms. All kinds of traffic violations are included in the record of untrustworthiness. Encourage and support all units to prioritize transportation enterprises and employees with high credit rating in purchasing transportation services, bidding, and personnel recruitment. For untrustworthy enterprises and employees, it is necessary to strengthen supervision and punishment, and gradually establish a cross-regional and cross-industry credit reward and punishment linkage mechanism.  Credit construction in the field of e-commerce.Establish and improve the credit management and transaction credit evaluation system for e-commerce enterprises, and strengthen the quality supervision of e-commerce enterprises to develop and sell credit products. Promote the identity identification system of e-commerce entities and improve the real-name system of online stores. Strengthen the quality inspection of online shop products, and severely investigate and punish fraudulent acts such as counterfeiting and selling, pyramid schemes, false advertisements, shoddy goods, and service defaults in the e-commerce field. To crack down on internal and external collusion, falsification of traffic and business reputation, establish an industry-limited ban system for untrustworthy entities. Promote the exchange and sharing of e-commerce credit information and other relevant information in the society, and promote the credit evaluation of e-commerce and offline transactions. Improve the e-commerce credit service guarantee system, and promote the promotion and application of third-party credit services and products such as credit investigation, credit evaluation, credit guarantee, credit insurance, credit payment, and business account management in e-commerce. Conduct e-commerce website trusted authentication service, promote the application of website trusted identifiers, and provide means for e-commerce users to identify counterfeit and phishing websites.  Credit construction in the field of statistics. Carry out the corporate integrity statistics commitment activities, and create a good atmosphere of honest and glorious, unbelievable and false. Improve the statistical integrity evaluation standard system. Establish and improve the enterprise statistical integrity evaluation system and the integrity file of statistical practitioners. Strengthen law enforcement inspections, severely investigate and punish acts of fraud in the field of statistics, and establish a system for reporting and public exposure of statistical untrustworthiness. Increase the joint punishment of statistical untrustworthy enterprises. Incorporate the list of statistical untrustworthy enterprises and their illegal and illegal information into the credit information systems of the financial, industrial and commercial industries and departments, and directly link the statistical credit records with corporate financing, government subsidies, industrial and commercial registration, etc., and effectively strengthen the punishment for statistical untrustworthiness. Restricted.  Intermediary service industry credit construction. Establish and improve the credit record and disclosure system of intermediary service agencies and their employees, and serve as an important basis for the implementation of credit classification management by market administrative law enforcement departments. Focus on strengthening the credit classification management of notarization, lawyers, accounting, guarantees, forensics, inspection and testing, evaluation, certification, agency, brokerage, employment, consulting, and transaction. Establish a scientific and reasonable evaluation indicator system, evaluation system and working mechanism.  Credit construction in exhibitions and advertising.Promote the exhibition organizers to conduct honest exhibitions, practice the integrity service convention, establish credit file and information disclosure system for illegal and illegal units, and promote the application of credit services and products. Strengthen the integrity construction of the advertising industry, establish and improve the credit classification management system of the advertising industry, crack down on all kinds of false advertisements, highlight the responsibilities of the participants in the production and communication of advertisements, and improve the disciplinary mechanism of the main body of advertising activities and the serious mechanism of eliminating trust.  The construction of corporate credit management system. Carry out corporate commitment commitment activities in various industries, increase the demonstration of publicity enterprises and the exposure of typical cases of dishonesty, guide enterprises to enhance their sense of social responsibility, strengthen credit self-discipline in production, management, financial management and labor management, and improve the business credit environment. . Encourage enterprises to establish customer files, conduct customer credit evaluation, incorporate customer integrity transaction records into accounts receivable management, credit sales credit line measurement, establish a scientific enterprise credit management process, prevent credit risks, and enhance corporate comprehensive competitiveness. Strengthen the integrity of enterprises in the issuance of debts, loans, guarantees and other credit and debt credit transactions and production and operation activities in good faith. Encourage and support qualified companies to set up credit managers. Encourage enterprises to establish an internal staff integrity assessment and evaluation system. Strengthen the self-credit construction of water supply, power supply, heat supply, gas, telecommunications, railway, aviation and other enterprises related to the daily life of the people.  (3) Comprehensively promote the building of social integrity.
  Social integrity is the foundation of the construction of a social credit system. Only members of society can treat each other with sincerity and trust, and form a harmonious and friendly interpersonal relationship. Only then can we promote social civilization and progress, and achieve social harmony, stability and long-term stability.  Credit construction in the fields of medicine and health care.Strengthen the credit management of medical and health institutions and the construction of industry integrity. Establish the value concept of the great doctor and adhere to the practice of benevolence and benevolence. Cultivate honesty, honesty, honesty, honesty, integrity, medical insurance, honesty, rational use of drugs, reasonable treatment, reasonable fees and other credible medical service guidelines, comprehensive establishment of drug prices, medical service price disclosure system, the development of integrity hospitals, Integrity pharmacy creation activities, the establishment of medical institutions and licensed physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other medical personnel credit evaluation indicators standards, promote hospital evaluation evaluation and regular assessment of physicians, carry out comprehensive evaluation of medical staff medical ethics, disciplinary acceptance of bribery, excessive diagnosis and treatment of illegal and untrustworthy behavior Establish an honest medical service system. Accelerate the improvement of the credit system in the field of drug safety, and establish credit files for pharmaceutical R&D, production and distribution enterprises. Actively carry out the drug safety and integrity commitment activities with the theme of "Sincerity is the highest, quality is the winner", effectively improve the level of drug safety and credit supervision, severely crack down on counterfeiting and selling, and ensure the safe and effective use of drugs by the people. Strengthen the credit construction in the population and family planning field, and carry out the sharing of population and family planning credit information.  Credit construction in the field of social security. In the areas of disaster relief, relief, pension, social insurance, charity, lottery, etc., establish a comprehensive system of integrity, crack down on all kinds of fraudulent acts such as fraudulent donations and donations. Establish and improve the integrity system of applications, audits, and exits in the implementation of people's livelihood policies such as social assistance and affordable housing, strengthen the review of conditions for applying for relevant people's livelihood policies, and strengthen the supervision of dynamic management of social assistance and the use of affordable housing. Individuals who are untrustworthy and in violation of the rules are included in the credit blacklist. Establish a check-up information system for the economic status of households, establish and improve the identification mechanism for low-income families, and ensure fair, just and healthy operation of people's livelihood policies such as social assistance and affordable housing. Establish and improve the social insurance credit management system, strengthen the management of social insurance management, strengthen the labor security supervision and law enforcement in the field of social insurance, standardize the behavior of participating insurance contributions, and increase social insurance agreements for medical insurance designated hospitals, designated pharmacies, and industrial injury insurance agreements. The disciplinary efforts of the service agencies, their staff, and various types of insured persons in violation of regulations, fraud, and fraudulent protection, to prevent and combat various fraudulent behaviors. Further improve the social insurance fund management system, improve the transparency of fund collection, management, payment and other aspects, promote the construction of social insurance credit system, standardize the behavior of insurance contributions, and ensure the safe operation of social insurance funds.  Credit construction in the field of labor and employment.Further implement and improve the enterprise labor security and law-abiding integrity system, and formulate public disclosure measures for major labor security violations. Establish a public notice system for the employer's arrears of wages and violations, and improve the employer's labor security credit rating system. Standardize the employment behavior, strengthen the management of labor contract performance and arbitration, and promote enterprises to actively develop harmonious labor relations creation activities. Strengthen labor and social security supervision and law enforcement, and increase efforts to crack down on illegal activities. Strengthen the integrity construction of the human resources market, standardize the behavior of professional intermediaries, and crack down on various illegal and dishonest behaviors such as black intermediary and black employment.  Credit construction in education and scientific research. Strengthen the integrity education of teachers and researchers. Carry out the teacher's commitment to integrity, and consciously accept the supervision of the students, parents and the community. Give play to the influence of teachers' integrity and coaching. Strengthen the education of students' integrity, cultivate good habits of honesty and trustworthiness, and lay the foundation for improving the integrity of the whole nation. Explore the establishment of credit evaluation systems for educational institutions and their employees, teachers and students, scientific research institutions, and scientific and technological associations and researchers. Credit evaluation and examination enrollment, student status management, academic degree awards, research project projects, professional and technical job evaluation, Job hiring, selection and commendation, etc., and strive to solve problems such as academic fraud, plagiarism, academic misconduct, exam admission and cheating.  Credit construction in the fields of culture, sports and tourism. Relying on the national cultural market technology supervision and public service platform, establish and improve the credit information database of cultural enterprises, employees and cultural products in the fields of entertainment, performance, art and network culture; formulate cultural market integrity management measures according to law, and strengthen cultural market dynamics Supervision. Formulate the standards for the integrity of professional sports practitioners, establish a third-party evaluation system for the professional sports practitioners, professional sports clubs and intermediary enterprises, and promote the relevant credit information records and credit ratings in participating in or holding professional sports events, professional sports access, The transfer and other aspects are widely used. Formulate guidelines for the integrity of tourism practitioners, establish a feedback and disclosure system for tourism consumers, and establish a third-party evaluation system for credit ratings of travel agencies, tourist attractions and hotels.  Credit construction in the field of intellectual property.Establish and improve the credit management system for intellectual property rights, and introduce credit evaluation methods for intellectual property protection. Focus on cracking down on infringement of intellectual property rights and the production and sale of counterfeit and shoddy goods, including information on intellectual property infringements into untrustworthy records, strengthening joint disciplinary action against intellectual property rights infringement and other acts of piracy and infringement, and raising awareness of intellectual property protection in the whole society. Carry out credit construction of intellectual property service institutions, and explore the establishment of various types of intellectual property service standardization systems and integrity evaluation systems.  Credit construction in the field of environmental protection and energy conservation. Promote national environmental monitoring, information and statistical capacity building, strengthen the collection and collation of environmental credit data, achieve environmental protection work business collaboration and information sharing, and improve the environmental information disclosure catalog. Establish an environmental management and monitoring information disclosure system. We will improve the accountability mechanism for environmental impact assessment documents, establish an environmental protection archives database for EIA agencies and their employees, and evaluate experts, and strengthen the classification and supervision of credit assessment agencies, their employees, and assessment experts. Establish a system for enterprises to conduct self-monitoring of pollutants discharged and publish pollutant discharges and the occurrence and handling of environmental incidents. Establish a corporate environmental behavior credit evaluation system, publish evaluation results on a regular basis, and organize dynamic classification management, and encourage, warn or punish according to the credit rating of the enterprise. Improve the credit information sharing mechanism for corporate environmental behavior, and strengthen linkages with banks, securities, insurance, and business sectors. Strengthen national energy utilization data statistics, analysis and information reporting capacity building. Strengthen the assessment of the energy-saving target of key energy-using units, regularly publish the assessment results, and study and establish a credit evaluation mechanism for key energy-using units. Strengthen the credit rating and supervision of energy audits, energy efficiency assessment and review agencies and their practitioners. Research and carry out the credit evaluation work of energy-saving service companies, and gradually release the credit rating results to the whole society. Strengthen the credit assessment management of the employment status of the environmental assessment project review experts.  Social organization integrity construction. Relying on the information resource library of the legal entity, speed up the improvement of social organization registration management information. We will improve the information disclosure system of social organizations, guide social organizations to improve the openness and transparency of their operations, and regulate the behavior of social organizations to disclose information. Incorporate the content of integrity construction into the articles of association of various social organizations, strengthen the integrity and self-discipline of social organizations, and improve the credibility of social organizations. Give play to the role of industry associations (commercial associations) in the construction of industry credit, and strengthen the education and training of members' integrity.  Natural person credit construction.It highlights the basic role of natural person credit construction in the construction of social credit system, relies on the national population information resource database, establishes and improves the credit record of natural persons in economic and social activities, and realizes the full coverage of natural person credit records nationwide. Strengthen the construction of professional credit for key populations, and establish civil servants, legal representatives of enterprises, lawyers, accounting practitioners, certified public accountants, statistical practitioners, certified tax agents, auditors, appraisers, certification and inspection and testing practitioners, securities and futures practitioners, Credit records of senior executives, insurance brokers, medical personnel, teachers, scientific researchers, patent service practitioners, project managers, news media practitioners, tour guides, practicing veterinarians, etc. of listed companies, promote the use of professional credit reports, and guide the construction of professional ethics And behavioral norms.  Credit construction in the field of Internet applications and services. Vigorously promote the construction of network integrity, foster the concept of legally operating the network, use the network with integrity, gradually implement the real-name system of the network, improve the legal guarantee for the construction of network credit, and vigorously promote the construction of the network credit supervision mechanism. Establish a network credit evaluation system, conduct credit evaluations on the service operations of Internet companies, and online behaviors of Internet users, and record credit ratings. Establish network credit files covering Internet enterprises and Internet users, and actively promote the establishment of exchange and sharing mechanisms for online credit information and related credit information in other fields, and vigorously promote the promotion and application of online credit information in various fields of society. Establish a network credit blacklist system, blacklist enterprises and individuals that implement serious network dishonesty behaviors such as online fraud, rumors, and other people’s legitimate rights and interests, and impose online behavior restrictions, industry bans, etc. on blacklisted subjects. Measures, notify relevant departments and make public exposure.  (4) Vigorously promote the construction of judicial public trust.
  Judicial public trust is an important part of the construction of social credit system, a prerequisite for establishing judicial authority, and the bottom line of social fairness and justice.  Court public trust construction. Improve the level of informationization of judicial trials, and realize the inter-communication of trial information in the national four-level courts covering the whole process of trial work. Promote the disclosure of information on enforcement cases, improve the implementation of linkage mechanisms, and increase the rate of implementation of legal instruments in force. Play the role of trial function, encourage honest transactions, advocate mutual trust and cooperation, sanction commercial fraud and arbitrary breach of contract and other untrustworthy behaviors, and guide honesty and trustworthiness.  Prosecutorial public trust construction.Further deepen the openness of procuratorial affairs, innovate the means and means of publicizing procuratorial affairs, extensively listen to the opinions of the masses, and protect the people's right to know, participate, express and supervise the procuratorial work. We will continue to implement the “Sunshine Case”, strictly manage the system, strengthen internal and external supervision, and establish and improve special inspection, simultaneous supervision, and accountability mechanisms. Give full play to the role of the legal supervision function, increase the intensity of investigation and prevention of duty crimes, and promote the building of integrity. Improve the file search system for bribery crimes, standardize and strengthen the management of inquiry work, and establish a sound social linkage mechanism for the filing and application of bribery crime files.  Public trust construction in the field of public safety. Full implementation of "sunshine law enforcement", timely disclosure of law enforcement procedures, procedures and time limits, etc., should not be disclosed to the public for the progress of the case, but information that involves specific rights and obligations and needs specific object knowledge should be notified to specific targets, or A specific object provides a query service. Further strengthen the exchange and sharing of population information with information resources of various regions and departments, and improve the construction of national population information resources. Incorporate citizen traffic safety violations into the integrity file to promote awareness of traffic safety among members of the whole society. Regularly disclose the fire safety assessment results of high-risk units to the public and use them as an important reference for the unit's credit rating. Incorporate social security compliance with fire safety laws and regulations into integrity management, and strengthen the responsibility of fire safety personnel in social units.  Public administration of the judicial administrative system. Further improve the standardization and institutionalization of the management of prisons, drug rehabilitation sites and community correctional institutions, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of prisoners, drug abusers and community corrections personnel. Vigorously promote the disclosure of judicial administrative information, further standardize and innovate information management and disclosure methods such as lawyers, notarization, grassroots legal services, legal aid, judicial examinations, judicial appraisal, etc., and protect the people's right to know.  Judicial law enforcement and credit construction of employees. Establish credit files for public security, judicial administration and other staff at all levels, and incorporate bad records such as smuggling laws and inactions into archives according to laws and regulations, and serve as the basis for assessment, reward and punishment. Advance the practice of integrity and standardization of lawyers, notaries, grassroots legal service workers, legal aid personnel, and judicial appraisers. Establish a system of integrity commitments for judicial practitioners.  Improve the institutional basis for promoting judicial public trust.We will deepen the reform of the judicial system and working mechanism, promote the standardization of law enforcement, and strictly enforce the procedures. We must adhere to laws, violations, and equality before the law, and improve the scientific, institutionalized, and standardized levels of judicial work. Give full play to the supervisory role of the NPC, the CPPCC and the public to the judicial work, improve the mutual supervision and control mechanism between the judicial organs, strengthen the internal supervision of the judicial organs, and achieve supervision, promote fairness, promote justice, and promote public trust.  III. Strengthening the Education of Honesty and the Construction of Honesty Culture The construction of  honesty and honesty culture is an important way to lead the integrity and self-discipline of members of society and enhance the moral literacy of members of society. It is an important part of the construction of the socialist core value system.  (1) Popularizing integrity education.
  Taking the construction of the socialist core value system, cultivating and practicing the core values of socialism as the foundation, the integrity education runs through the whole process of civic moral construction and spiritual civilization creation. Promote the construction of civic morality, strengthen social morality, professional ethics, family virtues and personal moral education, inherit Chinese traditional virtues, carry forward the new era of the times, and form a good society in the whole society, "being honest and trustworthy, and seeing forgiveness and forgiveness" Fashion.  Further enrich the content of integrity education in all types of education and training. Vigorously carry out credit publicity and popularize education into institutions, enter enterprises, enter schools, enter communities, enter villages, and enter family activities.  We will build a good moral hall and advocate patriotic, professional, honest, friendly and other values and ethics. Conduct mass ethics appraisal activities, analyze and comment on the lack of credibility and non-credit, and guide people to be honest and trustworthy, and obey the ethics.  (2) Strengthening the construction of a culture of integrity.
  Promote a culture of integrity. Taking members of the society as the means, using honesty as a means of communication, and taking honesty education as the carrier, vigorously advocating honesty and ethics, promoting the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, which is positive, honest and trustworthy, and the contractual spirit of the modern market economy, forming a spirit of integrity and practice. Integrity of social trends.  Establish a good example of integrity.Give full play to the propaganda and guidance role of television, radio, newspapers, internet and other media, combine moral model selection and integrity creation activities in various industries, establish a model of social integrity, enable members of society to learn from role models, catch up with goals, and make honest and trustworthy become the whole society. Conscious pursuit.  In-depth development of the integrity theme activities. Step by step, focus on the organization of "integrity activities week", "quality month", "safe production month", "integrity business promotion month", "3·5" learning Lei Feng activity day, "3·15" international consumption The rights and interests protection day, "6·14" credit record care day, "12. 4" national legal publicity day and other public welfare activities, highlighting the theme of integrity, creating a harmonious and harmonious social atmosphere.  Vigorously carry out special governance of credit issues in key industry sectors. We will carry out in-depth special education and governance activities in outstanding areas of ethics, carry out special governance in the field of industry where the problem of lack of integrity is outstanding, and the need for integrity construction is urgently rectified, and resolutely correct the sinister evils of using power for personal gain, fraudulent fraud, forgiveness and forgiveness, and for the benefit of others, and establish an industry integrity .  (3) Accelerate the training of credit professionals.
  Strengthen the professional construction of credit management disciplines. Credit management is listed as an emerging and key discipline that is urgently needed for national economic system reform and social governance development. It supports qualified universities to set up credit management majors or offer related courses, and establishes credit management research directions in postgraduate training. Conduct research on credit theory, credit management, credit technology, credit standards, and credit policies.  Strengthen vocational training and professional evaluation of credit management. Establish and improve the credit management vocational training and professional evaluation system. Promote credit management vocational qualification training and cultivate a professional team of credit management. Promote and strengthen the exchange and training of credit practitioners and credit management personnel, and provide human resources support for the construction of social credit system.  4. Accelerating the construction and application of credit information systems  Improving the credit records of social members is the basic requirement for the construction of a social credit system. Bringing into play the power and role of industry, locality and market, accelerating the construction of credit information system, and improving the recording, integration and application of credit information are the basis and premise for the formation of trustworthy incentives and disciplinary mechanisms.  (1) Construction of industry credit information system.
  Strengthen the construction of credit records in key areas. Industrial and commercial, taxation, price, import and export, safe production, product quality, environmental protection, food and drug, medical and health, intellectual property, circulation services, engineering construction, e-commerce, transportation, contract performance, human resources and social security, education Focus on scientific research and other areas, improve industry credit records and credit files of employees.  Establish an industry credit information database. All departments should follow the principle of data standardization and application standardization, rely on the national major information projects, integrate the credit information resources in the industry, realize the electronic storage of credit records, accelerate the construction of credit information systems, and accelerate the interconnection of credit information between industries. Interoperability. Each industry is responsible for the organization and release of credit information in this industry.  (2) Construction of local credit information system.
  Accelerate the integration of government credit information. All regions shall record, improve and integrate the credit information generated during the process of performing public management functions by various departments and units in the region to form a unified credit information sharing platform, and provide information for enterprises, individuals and social credit agencies to inquire about government credit information. convenient.  Strengthen the application of credit information in the region. Each region shall formulate a catalogue for the disclosure of government credit information and form a monitoring mechanism for information disclosure. Vigorously promote the exchange and sharing of government affairs credit information of various departments and units in the region, strengthen the application of credit information in public management, and improve the efficiency of performance.  (3) Construction of credit information system.
  Speed up the construction of the credit information system. The credit reporting agency shall carry out credit information business, and shall establish a credit information system for enterprises, institutions and other social organizations and individuals, collect, organize, preserve and process credit information of enterprises and institutions and other social organizations and individuals according to law, and adopt Reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of credit information. All regions and industries must support credit reporting agencies to establish a credit information system.  Provide professional credit information services to the outside world.Credit reporting agencies should provide professional credit information services according to market demand, and promote the innovation of credit service products in an orderly manner. Establish and improve the rules and regulations for internal risk prevention, avoid conflicts of interest and ensure information security, provide convenient, fast and efficient credit information services to customers in accordance with the law, and further expand credit reports in the banking, securities, insurance and government sectors. Application in various fields such as administrative law enforcement.  (4) Construction of a unified credit information platform for the financial industry.
  Improve the basic database of financial credit information. Continue to promote the construction of financial credit information basic database, improve data quality, improve system functions, strengthen system security operation management, further expand the coverage of credit reports, and improve the system's external service level.  Promote the construction of a unified credit information platform for the financial industry. Continue to promote the linkage of credit information systems between banks, securities, insurance, foreign exchange and other financial management departments, promote the construction of a unified credit information platform for the financial industry, and promote the exchange and sharing of credit information of financial regulatory authorities.  (5) Promoting the exchange and sharing of credit information.
  Gradually promote the exchange and sharing of government credit information. All regions and industries should be demand-oriented. Under the premise of protecting privacy, clear responsibilities, and timely and accurate data, we will establish a credit information exchange and sharing mechanism according to the principle of risk dispersion, and make overall use of the existing credit information system infrastructure. The interconnection and exchange of credit information systems and the exchange and sharing of credit information gradually form a credit information network covering all credit entities, all credit information categories, and all regions of the country. The competent departments of various industries shall classify and manage the credit information, determine the query authority, and apply for special requirements for special inquiry.  Promote information exchange and sharing between the government credit information system and the credit information system according to law. Give play to the role of market incentive mechanism, encourage social credit reporting agencies to strengthen the integration of open government credit information and non-government credit information, establish a credit information service product system for different objects, and meet the multi-level, diversified and specialized levies of society. Letter service needs.  V. Improve the operational mechanism of the social credit system with the focus on reward and punishment system  The operational mechanism is the institutional basis for ensuring the coordinated operation of the various systems of the social credit system. Among them, the trustworthiness incentive and the disciplinary mechanism of dishonesty directly affect the credit behavior of various social subjects, which is the core mechanism for the operation of the social credit system.  (1) Constructing a mechanism of trustworthiness and disciplinary action.
  Strengthen rewards and incentives for trustworthy subjects. Increase the recognition and publicity of trustworthy behavior. In accordance with the provisions of the integrity of enterprises and model individuals to commend, through the news media to widely publicize, create a gratifying and glorious atmosphere of public opinion. Development and reform, finance, finance, environmental protection, housing urban and rural construction, transportation, commerce, industry and commerce, taxation, quality inspection, safety supervision, customs, intellectual property and other departments, in the process of market supervision and public services, we must deepen credit information and The application of credit products supports the “green channel” of incentives for honest and trustworthy people to implement priority procedures and simplify procedures.  Strengthen the discipline and punishment of the subject of dishonesty. Strengthen administrative regulatory constraints and punishment. On the basis of the existing administrative punishment measures, we will improve the disciplinary system for dishonesty and establish a blacklist system and market exit mechanism for various industries. Promote the supervision of credit classification in market supervision, qualification recognition, administrative examination and approval, and policy support for market supervision and public services, and combine the types and extent of untrustworthiness of supervision targets to discredit the untrustworthy. Gradually establish the credit commitment system for administrative license applicants, and carry out applicant credit review to ensure that applicants have credit records in the credit agencies recommended by the government, and cooperate with credit reporting agencies to carry out credit information collection. Promote the formation of market discipline and discipline. Formulate credit benchmarking evaluation index system and evaluation method, improve the system of record and disclosure of untrustworthy information, and make untrustworthy people restricted in market transactions. Promote the formation of industry constraints and discipline. Develop industry self-regulation rules and monitor member compliance through industry associations. For those who violate the rules, according to the seriousness of the situation, the organization members and individual members are subject to warnings, industry criticism, public condemnation and other disciplinary measures. Promote the formation of social constraints and punishment. We will improve the supervision mechanism for public opinion, strengthen the disclosure and exposure of untrustworthy behaviors, give play to the role of mass discussion and discussion, and criticize and report. Through the moral condemnation of society, we will form a social shock and constrain the untrustworthy behavior of members of society.  Establish a reward and reporting system for untrustworthy behavior. Effectively implement rewards for whistle-blowers and protect the legitimate rights and interests of whistle-blowers.  Establish a multi-departmental and inter-regional credit joint reward and punishment mechanism. Through credit information exchange and sharing, multi-departmental and inter-regional credit rewards and punishments will be realized, so that the trustworthy will benefit everywhere and the untrustworthy will be unable to move.  (2) Establish and improve credit laws, regulations and standards.
  Improve the credit law and regulation system. Promote the work of credit legislation, so that credit information collection, inquiry, application, interconnection, credit information security and protection of subject rights and interests can be relied upon. The relevant supporting system and implementation rules of the “Regulations on the Management of Credit Information Industry” were issued, and a system for handling objection handling, complaint handling and infringement liability was established.  Promote the construction of industry, department and local credit systems. All regions and departments shall, according to the needs of the construction of credit systems in the region and related industries, formulate rules and regulations for regional or industry credit construction, clarify the responsibilities of the credit information record entities, and ensure that the credit information is objective, true, accurate and timely updated and improved. The open system of credit information sharing promotes the orderly development and utilization of credit information resources.  Establish a credit information classification management system. Develop a catalogue of credit information, clarify the classification of credit information, and in accordance with the attributes of credit information, combined with the protection of personal privacy and trade secrets, promote the classification management of credit information in the collection, sharing, use, and disclosure. Increase the investigation and punishment of trafficking in personal privacy and trade secrets.  Accelerate the construction of the credit information standard system. Formulate national unified credit information collection and classification management standards, and unify the credit indicator catalog and construction specifications.  Establish a unified social credit code system. Establish a unified social credit code system for natural persons, legal persons and other organizations. Improve relevant institutional standards and promote the widespread use of unified social credit codes in economic and social activities.  (3) Cultivate and standardize the credit service market.
  Develop various credit service agencies. Gradually establish a multi-level and all-round credit service organization system in which public credit service institutions and social credit service institutions complement each other, credit information basic services and value-added services complement each other.  Promote and standardize the development of the credit rating industry.Cultivate and develop local rating agencies to enhance the international influence of our rating agencies. Standardize the development of the credit rating market and improve the overall credibility of the credit rating industry. Explore innovative dual rating and re-rating systems. Encourage China's rating agencies to participate in international competition and develop international standards, and strengthen coordination and cooperation with credit rating agencies in other countries.  Promote the widespread use of credit service products. Expand the application scope of credit service products and increase the application of credit service products in social governance and market transactions. Encourage the development and innovation of credit service products, and promote the development of credit services such as credit insurance, credit guarantee, commercial factoring, performance guarantee, credit management consulting and training.  Establish an orderly and open system for government credit information. Clarify the open classification and basic catalogue of government credit information, orderly expand the opening of government credit information to the society, and optimize the development environment of credit investigation, credit rating and credit management industries.  Improve the credit service market supervision system. According to the different characteristics of the credit service market and institutional business, the classification supervision is implemented according to law, the supervision system is improved, the supervision duties are clearly defined, and the market order is effectively maintained. Promote the formulation of legal systems related to credit services, establish access and exit mechanisms for credit service institutions, achieve openness and transparency of qualifications for employment, further improve the norms of credit service business, and promote the healthy development of credit service industry.  Promote credit service institutions to improve corporate governance. Strengthen the internal control of credit service institutions, improve the restraint mechanism, and improve the quality of credit services.  Strengthen the credit construction of credit service agencies. Credit service agencies must establish codes of conduct, strengthen normative management, improve service quality, uphold impartiality and independence, and enhance credibility. Encourage all types of credit service agencies to set up chief credit supervisors and strengthen their credit management.  Strengthen self-discipline in the credit service industry. Promote the establishment of self-discipline organizations in the credit service industry, establish basic code of conduct and business practices for credit service agencies and practitioners within the organization, strengthen self-discipline constraints, and comprehensively improve the integrity of credit service organizations.  (4) Protecting the rights and interests of credit information entities.
  Improve the protection mechanism of credit information subject rights.Give full play to the role of administrative supervision, industry self-discipline and social supervision in the protection of the rights and interests of credit information subjects, and comprehensively use legal, economic and administrative means to effectively protect the rights and interests of credit information subjects. Strengthen the guidance education for credit information subjects and continuously enhance their awareness of safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests.  Establish a social encouragement and care mechanism that is self-correcting and self-motivated. Focusing on the establishment of an educational mechanism for the act of juvenile dishonesty, through the appropriate protection of members of society who have repented and corrected the old and slightly untrustworthy behavior, a positive incentive mechanism for trustworthiness is formed.  Establish a credit information infringement accountability mechanism. Formulate credit information objection handling, complaint handling, litigation management system and operating rules. Further strengthen law enforcement, and severely punish the credit service agencies for leaking state secrets, trade secrets, and infringement of personal privacy. Through various types of media, we disclose various behaviors that infringe the rights and interests of information subjects and strengthen the role of social supervision.  (5) Strengthening the security management of credit information.
  Improve the credit information security management system. Improve the credit information protection and network trust system, and establish and improve the credit information security monitoring system. Strengthen credit information security supervision and inspection, carry out credit information security risk assessment, and implement credit information security level protection. Carry out credit information system security certification and strengthen the security management of credit information service system. Establish and improve the credit information security emergency response mechanism. Strengthen the construction of credit information security infrastructure.  Strengthen the internal management of credit information security of credit service agencies. Strengthen the information security protection capabilities of credit service agencies, increase security, technology research and development, and capital investment, and build a credit information security system with high starting point and high standards. Formulate and implement rules and regulations on the collection, sorting, processing, preservation and use of credit information in accordance with the law.  6. Establish an implementation support system  (1) Strengthen the implementation of responsibilities.
  All regions and departments must unify their thinking, and in accordance with the overall requirements of this plan, establish a planning outline promotion group, and formulate specific implementation plans according to the division of responsibilities and actual work.  All regions and departments should regularly summarize and evaluate the construction of social credit systems in their respective regions and related industries, identify problems in time and propose improvement measures.  The regions, departments and units that have made outstanding achievements in the construction of the social credit system shall be commended according to the regulations. The responsible persons of areas, departments and units with insufficient promotion and lack of trust shall be subject to administrative accountability in accordance with regulations.  (2) Increase policy support.
  The people's governments at all levels shall, in accordance with the needs of the construction of the social credit system, ensure that the funds that should be borne by the government are included in the budget. Increase financial support for credit infrastructure construction and innovation demonstration projects in key areas.  Encourage all regions and departments to combine the planning outline and the actual work of their own work, first try in the field of innovation and demonstration of social credit system construction, and provide support in government investment and financing arrangements.  (3) Implement special projects.
  Government affairs information disclosure project. In-depth implementation of the "People's Republic of China Government Information Disclosure Ordinance", in accordance with the initiative to open, according to the application of open classification management, and effectively increase the transparency of government information, establish an open and transparent government image.  Rural credit system construction project. Establish credit files for rural social members such as farmers, farms, farmer cooperatives, leisure agriculture, agricultural production and processing enterprises, and consolidate the foundation of rural credit system construction. We will carry out the activities of creating credit users, credit villages and credit townships (towns), deepen the work of young credit model households, and play a typical demonstration role so that farmers can receive education and gain benefits in participation, and improve credit awareness in practice. Promote the credit construction of agricultural enterprises such as agricultural production, processing, distribution enterprises and leisure agriculture. Establish and improve the peasant credit joint guarantee system, promote and develop agricultural insurance, and improve the rural credit guarantee system.  Small and micro enterprise credit system construction project.Establish and improve the credit record and evaluation system suitable for the characteristics of small and micro enterprises, improve the credit information inquiry, shared service network and regional small and micro enterprise credit records of small and micro enterprises. Guide various credit service agencies to provide credit services for small and micro enterprises, innovate small and micro enterprises to collect credit service methods, encourage various forms of small and micro enterprise integrity promotion and training activities, and create good credit for small and micro enterprises to facilitate financing and healthy development. surroundings.  (4) Promoting innovation demonstration.
  Comprehensive demonstration of local credit construction. The demonstration area takes the lead in integrating the credit information of various departments and units in the region to form a unified credit information sharing platform, which is open to the society in an orderly manner according to law. In the process of economic and social management and provision of public services, various departments in the demonstration area strengthen the use of credit information and credit products as an essential element of government management and services. Establish and improve the social credit reward and punishment linkage mechanism, so that the trustworthy will be encouraged and rewarded, and the untrustworthy will be restricted and disciplined. The typical acts of dishonesty, such as violations of laws and regulations, are made public, and the crackdown on serious acts of dishonesty is intensified. Explore the establishment of local government credit evaluation standards and methods, and conduct local government comprehensive credit evaluation in the issuance of local government bonds and other credit financing activities that comply with laws and regulations.  Demonstration of regional credit construction cooperation. Explore the establishment of regional credit linkage mechanism, carry out innovative demonstration of regional credit system construction, promote credit information exchange and sharing, realize cross-regional credit reward and punishment linkage, and optimize regional credit environment.  Key areas and industry credit information application demonstration. Piloting the credit reporting system in the fields of food and drug safety, environmental protection, safe production, product quality, engineering construction, e-commerce, securities and futures, financing guarantees, government procurement, and bidding.  (5) Improve organizational security.
  Improve the organization and coordination mechanism. We will improve the inter-ministerial joint conference system for the construction of a social credit system, give full play to its overall coordination role, and strengthen the guidance, supervision, and inspection of the construction of social credit systems in various regions and departments. To improve the organization, all regions and departments must set up specialized agencies to promote the construction of a social credit system. Establish a national credit association, strengthen industry self-discipline, and give full play to the role of various social organizations in promoting the construction of a social credit system.  Establish a local government promotion mechanism. Local people's governments at all levels should incorporate the construction of social credit system into important work schedules, promote the construction of government integrity, business integrity, social integrity and judicial public trust, strengthen supervision, strengthen assessment, and make social credit system construction work as target responsibility assessment and performance evaluation. Important content.  Establish a work notification and coordination system. The Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference on the Construction of Social Credit System regularly holds work coordination meetings to inform the progress of the work and timely study and solve major problems in the construction of the social credit system.







  根据党的十八大提出的“加强政务诚信、商务诚信、社会诚信和司法公信建设”,党的十八届三中全会提出的“建立健全社会征信体系,褒扬诚信,惩戒失信”,《中共中央 国务院关于加强和创新社会管理的意见》提出的“建立健全社会诚信制度”,以及《中华人民共和国国民经济和社会发展第十二个五年规划纲要》(以下简称“十二五”规划纲要)提出的“加快社会信用体系建设”的总体要求,制定本规划纲要。规划期为2014—2020年。

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