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Post commentary, monetary likes, Morgan Freeman’s advice on reality

HD video, 10’53’’, 2016



Douyu is a Chinese live streaming video platform, what differentiates it from others is that it allows live floating bullet comments, which is also the reason why Douyu became viral and gained overnight popularity. There are amateur hosts featured on Douyu who have live streamed their sexual life and who have even live streamed a drunk car crash in order to get more attention for their channel.  The company who made this website it is actually the biggest competitor of the most popular video sharing bullet comment website, Bilibili. 


The artist thinks China has already entered the post bilibili age; where watching comments is not enough anymore- we have to serve the comments, if you serve the comments well enough, you’ll get tips, which is a new culture in China where people don't normally tip. On Douyu, amateur hosts live stream everything in order to get “fish balls” from the viewers as a “like” equivalent in other social media. The more likes/ fishballs they get, the wealthier they become. Chinese netizens are creating an emerging monetary-driven/strip club-like online culture. 1000 likes/ fishballs on Douyu is 100 cents in RMB with is about 15 cents in USD. Very well liked hosts can receive “rockets”, which fly across the screen, and cost the viewer 500RMB to send, which equates to approximately 80 dollars. The hosts talks to the comments that are floating on the screen and sometimes do things that the viewers want them to do, in order to get more likes/money.


In the video there is a channel surfing feeling; switching to different live streaming host channels, one SMART dancing, one killing and eating rats, one 3D printing while using google translator to read all the bullet comments the viewers are sending to her, one cosplayer in a student uniform and singing karaoke, one chatting to the comments and asking advice on which style looks the best from her fans, one answering people’s questions regarding customising a PC, one buying a smart phone in a fake Apple store for his live streaming channel, one playing online video games, one streaming a normal hotpot meal with his family, one playing Ma Jiang. In the background of the video is live streaming of a host barbecuing with his cat and selling viagra from his Taobao store. In concert with these streaming channels is an episode of Morgen Freeman, narrating in his profound and claim voice on “What is Reality” from Through the Wormhole, on Discovery Science.


HD 录像.10’53’’, 2016





不同的是,斗鱼的出现使中国进入了后弹幕时代,弹幕已经不再是简单的取代视频本身而成为内容,对弹幕的“观看”已经无法满足网民,而是现在必须有真人实时“服务”于弹幕。如果你“服务”得足够好,你还可以得到小费,而这种小费文化在中国也是新现象。在斗鱼上,主播们主要是为了得到“鱼丸”,可视为等同于其他社交媒体中的“赞”。不同的是这些”赞“是有直接经济价值,1000个”鱼丸“等于1块钱, 如果你足够”赞“,观众也可以打赏你”火箭“,其费用是一只”火箭“等于500元人民币。主播在缴纳百分之二十的税后可以得到余下的收入。你可以看到主播实时的与弹幕交流,提供更好的服务来赚去跟多的”赞“/”鱼丸“。


在录像中,如同频道间的切换,你可以看到:一个杀马特跳舞并收获大量”火箭“,“鱼丸”和666的评论(谐音”溜溜溜溜溜”,指smooth, good job,跳得好),一个实时从杀死老鼠,烤熟,并在屏幕前吃掉老鼠的频道,一个实时3d打印并用google翻译来朗读观众发来的所有弹幕的频道,一个穿学生制服唱卡拉ok的主播,一个与弹幕聊天并询问弹幕哪个关于自己过往造型最好看的频道,一个电脑城装机高手在工作的时候实时回答弹幕的装机配置问题的频道,一个主播为了用手机直播而和小伙伴一起在山寨苹果店里购买智能手机的频道,一个直播自己打在线游戏的频道,一个直播和家人共进火锅,还有直播打麻将的频道。背景是一个边吃烧烤,边观看自己的主播频道,边贩卖自己的淘宝网店里的威哥产品的频道。



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