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National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, TW

Miao Ying Studio

Mediating Asia

"Mediating Asia" is a key exhibition of the 2022 Technology and Art Symbiosis Project. Co-curated by internationally renowned curator Gunalan NADARAJAN and Taiwanese curator Yu Chuan TSENG, the exhibition teases out the unique aesthetic languages of Asian techno art within the global context.

This exhibition features works of 14 artists/artist groups from Korea, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, and Taiwan, exploring the development of technology art in Asia from the perspective of 12 Asian countries/regions. The artists in this exhibition engage and explicate some of these aesthetic and cultural specificities as well as enable a larger global dialogue of their relevance. The issues artists explore in this exhibition range from the ways in which technology mediates our affective capacities and connections especially in enabling particular social formations, to critically projecting dystopian and utopian futures enabled by technologies, to mapping the intersections and cross-fertilizations between religion, the spirit world and technology, to deconstructing the urban imaginaries afforded and frustrated by the mediations of technology, to exemplifying cultural ingenuity in using elemental and simple technologies to mediate our everyday experiences.

The geographical contiguities, the shared and contested histories, and the shifting and settled populations and cultures that have come to be called ‘Asia’ represent distinct aesthetic notions and cultural agendas in the world of media arts and provide unique interpretations of the creative possibilities of the’ technological.’Therefore, this exhibition seeks to provide a platform for and snapshot of media arts in Asia with a view to highlight the specific historical, socio-cultural, political and aesthetic contexts within which old and new technologies are conceived and employed to produce distinct technological configurations.

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