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LAN Love Poem.gif

gif animation

2014, 2015

“LAN Love Poem.gif ” is a series of GIF animation which are made from snapshots of censored websites in China. (such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, Instagram) combined with online signatures by Chinese Internet citizens ubiquitous across the Chinese Internet were collected by the artist, translated into “Chinglish”, Displaying certain wisdom and a taking joy in romanticized melancholy, the poems ultimately are representative of the romantic Stockholm syndrome relationship the artist has with the Chinese internet. Each Poem is made with "Taobao 3d animated style"(a Chinese internet style), along with 8bit internet landscapes in the background. 

“Holding a kitchen knife to cut the internet cable, a road with lightning sparks” which is addressing after left China, Google Hong Kong has been working on and off to access from mainland China, like a lightning bolt, you don't know when it is going to strike you. So in the work when doing a search on google HK There is an animation of lightning striking the browser.

"Flowers all Fallen, Birds far Gone" has a background gif of flower petals falling in a peaceful and quiet nighttime scene. The artist imagined a teenaged boy standing outside of his girlfriend's window after they broke up and feeling hopeless. Just when he thinks it can't get anymore heart wrenchingly sentimental, flower petals begin to fall, giving the scene a dramatic and cinematic feel. The gif is framed by a browser displaying a "This webpage cannot be accessed" to imply which bird is far gone.

" Hundred degrees can not search your thirty degree smile" is a double entendre, "hundred degrees" is the Chinese search engine Baidu, which became the main search engine back in 2010 when Google left China. This poem reads, "The thirty degrees of your smile can not be found on Baidu." The artist pictured this poem as depicting a heart-broken guy looking for his former girlfriend’s picture on Instagram. Her perfect, charming, unique smile cannot be found because Instagram is blocked in China. Therefore, he had to search for her smile on Baidu, aka: "Hundred degrees," and found nothing. 

"To Be Missed is Another Kind of Beauty" is written on a blue rectangular shaped rotating board as if it is a missing part which has fallen off of the Facebook website in a barren desert wasteland setting with a page showing facebook can not be opened, like a person lying to himself and mumbling comforting words of self encouragement.

In a blood-red sky and crow standing on a pile of rocks in front of dead vegetation there is a browser window opened, and under the" Safari can't connect to the server" while underneath that, at dead center is rolling red 3D text saying, " When cigarettes fall in love with matches, the cigarette gets burned".

In "Why Tokyo rain wet Paris", the Wikipedia page could be loaded in china, you can see French, Japanese and all kinds of different language choices to enter the website, but after clicking on the "Chinese" option,  the site immediately gets blocked, and the background goes from sunshine to rain.

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