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The Five Pillars of awareness:
Reclaiming ownership of your mind, body and future

Foldable portable exhibition stands

This installation is comprised of 5 portable exhibition stands and one large back drop. All images were manipulated from the same source image which is a computer generated image found online, and searches reveal was used as one of the most popular desktop backgrounds. This image is made by using the “content aware” function from Photoshop. It is an auto clone fill function in Photoshop. After choosing the fields you want to clone, Photoshop would analyse the information and make a the decision for you. Computer generated pictures like this often fantasies an ideal life style such as reading a book while having a picnic on a perfect day. One thing that is more surreal than the super blue sky and super green grass is reading a book nowadays. All of them are double sided with the same selected field in Photoshop, but yielded differing results. 


When you first walk into the space you see the back of the double sided installation, which is the image that is comparatively close to the original image, where you can still see many of the original elements of the image, like the blue sky, strawberry-filled picnic basket, butterfly, and open book sitting on top of the green grass. Situated on the sky reads a self-motivational quote:  “Reclaiming ownership of your mind, body and future.” On the other side of this picture is a more manipulated image with 3D marble textured text, “5 Pillars of Awareness”. There are 5 “pillars” standing in front of this background image, each a different shape and image which has been intentionally stretched to emphasise the shapes of each pillar. 


The pillars and backdrop are presented on a fake marble platform, matching the font of the "5 pillars of awareness"

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